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Ministries - Teacher/Catechist

The mission of Catholic education in the Diocese of Tyler is to make God known through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and through the authentic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church (Pastoral Manual, E-2).


The Catechist is a person of faith who leads others in understanding the faith teachings according to the official teachings of the Church, the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  The role of the catechist is a vital ministry to the Church.  It is a gift that has tremendous value to the world community at large because through the catechist’s word and action, the message of Christ continues to have a place in all human affairs.

The primary goal of a catechist is to model God’s love to others.  As a result, the primary requisite of a catechist is a love for God and a love for children.  The catechist passes on to students a set of shared meanings and values that are Catholic and Christian. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a Faith Formation Catechist, contact Lea Kottwitz at 903-736-6505 or lkottwitz@stmaryslgv.org.

Teacher/School Volunteer

"St. Mary's Catholic School is committed to partnering with families in forming children to be disciples of Jesus and His Kingdom of God, through faith, scholarship, leadership and service."

It is the call to all of us, friends and parishioners, as a part of the Body of Christ, to assist parents as needed with their responsibility to bring the Gospel teachings to their children. The school plays a significant role in the lives of the children to whom they are committed.

If you are a teacher available to subsitute at times, or if you have other skills and talents that you wish to offer to the school, please call the school office 903-753-1657.